About AlcoholFree.com

AlcoholFree.com has been 15 years in the making – and we’re so excited that we’re nearly ready to go fully live.

It all started when our co-founder, John Risby, stopped drinking in 2004.

Then, two later years in 2006, he launched the world’s first online shop dedicated to all things alcohol-free (alcohol-free wines, beers, cocktails, spirits, chocolates, health and beauty products… you name it, we stocked it!)

The Alcohol-Free Shop is still going strong, but we’ve over time our focus became alcohol free drinks to meet the ever-increasing demand for adult alternatives to alcohol.

We’ve always dedicated a lot of time to helping our shop customers who needed advice and support in improving their health and lifestyle choices and developed a sense of community.

Over the last 18 months or so – basically since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic – we’ve built on this as we saw an increased a need for people to connect.

We have expanded our community activity and taken it to a deeper level by building a wonderful group on Facebook dedicated to helping people who want to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol.

This group became the Alcohol-Free Community which offers a warm welcome without judgement to anyone whether they want to stop drinking completely, moderate their drinking, or stay sober.

And now we’re taking that work – and building on it even more with AlcoholFree.com!

AlcoholFree.com will be your one-stop-source for “Everything Alcohol-Free”!

While we busy ourselves with making this website just right, you can read articles and watch some videos at AlcoholFree.com which we’ve brought over from the Community section of the shop.

You can also join our lovely, private, group on Facebook for free and connect with people with shared goals.

But there’s so much more to come and we look forward to growing AlcoholFree.com and providing the services and support you’re looking for!