Are you ready to adjust your relationship with alcohol?
AlcoholFree.com helps drinkers who suffer from feelings of anxiety, shame and hopelessness by teaching them how to cope with their emotions without resorting to alcohol, to rebuild their confidence and their belief in themselves, and to learn how to embrace each new day with a clear head so they can be sure they are living the life they truly want to live.

And, most importantly, this takes place in a private and safe community where members can feel comfortable expressing themselves openly and honestly, without the fear of being judged.

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John Risby
“I was once where you are now, and so were many other members. But there IS a way out. We know, because we found it. ”

John Risby

Co-Founder AlcoholFree.com
Sober since 2004.

“I’ve got an idea I want to share with you. It comes from a very personal experience but I think it will ring true to many of you too, so here goes … ”

You may know that as well as The Alcohol-Free Shop which we launched in 2006, we also run the Alcohol-Free Community – a free and private group on Facebook.

We launched the group in 2020 as the first UK lockdown started. It’s grown to nearly 3000 users now and it’s honestly one of the nicest groups I’ve ever been in. And, more importantly, everyone else says the same!

The group is for anyone who wishes to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol – from those who want to cut down, to those who know they need to stop, as well as members who are long-term sober and want a community of like-minded people.I LOVE the Community group on Facebook, and I LOVE that I get to help people with their relationship with alcohol.

I’ve been sober 18 years this year and nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing people, who joined us at their lowest point, post that they are “1 day sober”, “1 month sober” or even “1 year sober”!

And you know the best thing about it? Knowing that the person posting it feels even better than I do!

As great as this Community is though, I know we can do so much more to help people.

A LOT more!

But doing more involves spending more of our time on the Community, and involving more people with different skills - including one of our most popular members Sarah Woods who is ready and eager to contribute more!

It involves writing courses, producing videos, books, help guides, organising get-togethers - both virtual and in “real life”, etc etc

The bottom-line is, all that means more time and costs. It’s simply NOT something we can do for free, as much as I wish we could.

So … drum-roll please… we’re launching a new paid membership that will allow us to do the WONDERFUL things I know we can!

In fact, I’m SO convinced how great this membership will be that I’m currently taking an in-depth course to learn everything I can to make it an amazing, life-changing experience for our members!

This course isn’t cheap - in fact I'm paying several thousand US dollars - but that shows you how serious I am about making this new membership the BEST it can be, building on the ethos of the wonderful Community we have on Facebook.

I know the new membership will NOT be for everyone. And, being perfectly honest, it's not meant to be (I still love you all, don’t worry!)

Some paid groups chase as many people as possible by charging a small amount - but all that means is they spend their time focusing on getting new members and subscribers, and don’t have the time or resources to provide them with real value.

We won’t be doing that. We'll be spending our time HELPING our members, and producing the best content and best experience possible.

To start with, one of the first benefits is a new members’ group, away from Facebook, where you can talk in more privacy than you can on Facebook. Don't worry, you will still be a member there too!

And that’s just the start- there’s SO much more to come! I can’t tell you just how EXCITED I am by it!

I would like to invite you to join me in this new journey by becoming a FOUNDING MEMBER.

As a founding member, you’ll pay the lowest membership price we’ll ever charge.

As soon as we close the doors on this founding members’ launch, the price will go up and future members will pay more. We’ll never charge this low again!

If you sign up now as a founding member, your price will be LOCKED at this all-time price for as long as you remain a member in good standing.We're going to discuss the normal launch pricing with our founder members, but it will be substantially higher than the price you'll pay now!

And on top of that, you’ll get FREE UK delivery on all your orders from The Alcohol-Free Shop!

That’s right. As a member you’ll get FREE UK delivery on all your orders!

Let's build this together!

But I need to be totally clear - this is not going live to the public yet. We plan to go live for other members by 1st September (it may be sooner if everything is in place by then).

Between now and then WE (that’s me and you) will be designing the membership together and building it live!

This is a WIN/WIN for both of us! You get a locked in all-time low-price, and we get your help to design a membership that YOU want.

When we do open the doors properly, we know we’ll have something really special, and we won’t have wasted time and effort producing what we THINK you want, instead we’ll produce what you KNOW you want!

This is for members at all points in their journey. Those who are sober curious, those who are trying to cut down, those who know they NEED to stop but are struggling, and those who are long-term sober and want to maintain their sobriety and live a fun AND fulfilling life!

Being sober does NOT mean being boring!

Join us now and let's make this happen!

Join us now and lock in your membership price for at all-time low!

If any of these ring true, join us as a founding member – and together we can build something special together!
Become a founding member
Lock in your membership price at an all-time low of £15 a month – and get your bonus FREE UK delivery from The Alcohol-Free Shop!

Read what our Facebook group members say...

Frequently Asked Questions

No, absolutely not. It is possible we’ll have less time to dedicate to the group, but we would never close it down or charge for access.

It would go against everything I believe in. Not everyone can afford a membership fee, and not everyone wants the level of service the membership will provide.

So the Facebook group will continue as it is. If you don’t want to join and are happy with the group, that’s great.

Just promise me you won’t change your mind and be upset if you decide to join after the Founding Member’s launch when the price is higher!

When you see just how good it is when we launch properly, sadly I know some of you will!

If you’ve been a member of our Facebook group for any length of time, I hope that doesn’t need too much of an answer 😉 but some background may help.

I stopped drinking back in 2004, and in 2006 I started helping people when we launched The Alcohol-Free Shop – the WORLD’S FIRST shop dedicated to alcohol-free wines, spirits, beers, cocktails and other alternatives to alcohol.

Yes, it’s a shop, and yes, we sell alcohol-free drinks, but I couldn’t begin to count how many people I’ve spoken to over the years – by email, messenger, telephone, video, and even in person – who’ve come to me for advice. And sometimes that advice has included “Don’t buy our drinks”, because the person asking isn’t mentally ready for them. The health of people has always come before anything else.

I’ve received SO many emails, letters and even postcards over the last 16 years telling me that the shop and our advice has “saved their lives”. I can’t describe just what an amazing thing it is for someone to say that to you. But I’ve always thanked them and said that THEY saved their own life, but we’re glad we helped. But still, it’s wonderful they think that and take the time to tell us.

And then in 2020 as the first lockdown started in the UK, we launched the Community. And look at us all now! Just 2 years later, we have – what many people say a lot – possibly the nicest, friendliest, alcohol support group on the internet! A lot of that has been driven by our core philosophy of “no judgement”. Of course, no judgment doesn’t mean an easy pass – as some people have found out when they’ve had a gentle kick up the arse now and again 😉

It’s one of the highlights of my life that we’ve built up this amazing Community over the last 2 years, starting with 0 members and now at nearly 3,000. And that number would be MUCH higher if we didn’t turn down a lot of people because they simply don’t answer any of the member’s questions. But we’re very careful about the quality of the group, unlike many others we’ve all seen. That’s probably why it’s such a lovely place – you’re lovely members!

And regardless of my own personal experience, the membership isn’t just about me. As a paid Community, we’ll be able to afford to invest in other people who can help in ways that I simply can’t. And THAT is particularly exciting!

Yes, don’t worry! This Facebook group is private, but there are a lot of members who get support by reading other people’s posts, but never post anything themselves. It’s great that people get that help, but it’s NOT what the member’s group will be for. The member’s group is for people who want to post and get INVOLVED.

I know many people don’t like posting on Facebook to start with, and knowing there are lots of people reading but never posting doesn’t help. The member’s group will avoid that situation.

Not at all. The membership is open to people around the world (we have a lot of members of the Facebook group from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries).
At the moment, the Founding Member’s price is in Pounds Sterling at £15 a month because we’re based in the UK. This equates to around $18.99 USD a month or $26 AUD a month.
Obviously this would change depending on currency rates. If people prefer a fixed price in their own currency we could look to do that.

The free UK delivery bonus from The Alcohol-Free Shop is available only for UK postal addresses.
Don’t worry! You can cancel at any time and your membership will finish at the end of billing month. Signing up as a founding member means your membership price is locked in and will never be higher, but it doesn’t mean you are locked in to the membership forever! You are free to cancel any time you want.
Email me and I’ll do my best to answer it!
Ready to learn how to navigate and maximise life without alcohol?

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