What's the quickest way to sober up?

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by John Risby
Published: May 05, 2019 Last updated: November 30, 2023
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What's the quickest way to sober up?
By getting only very slightly drunk.
Seriously, as has been said, there’s really nothing you can do to speed it up.
You get sober as your body processes the alcohol.
The average liver processes 1 unit of alcohol (1 unit, not one drink) per hour. As an example a pint of 5.2% beer is about 3 units.
How quickly your body processes alcohol can vary based on a few factors (weight, gender, if you are taking medication, how fast your metabolism works in general etc) but 1 unit per hour is roughly correct.
So 12 units of alcohol would take 12 hours to leave your body.

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