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  • 017 - Let us begin by occupying our space as queens

017 - Let us begin by occupying our space as queens

Wednesday 16th January 2019

Join Lisa Lackey and her guests on Insideout Conversations as they kick off 2019 with a series specifically designed to remind ourselves and each other of our royal status as queens.
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Claiming Your Royalty: The Insideout Conversations Podcast on Occupying Space as Queens

You're not too old or too young, or too anything. Your dream just went into hiding until the perfect time. That dream has been waiting until the atmosphere is perfectly conducive for it to be put on full display.
Insideout Conversations podcast is back with a bang in 2019 with a series of episodes specifically designed to remind women of their royal status as queens. Host Lisa Lackey invites listeners to claim their space, dreams, and identity as queens. Lackey emphasizes that being a queen is an inside job that has little to do with external trappings. Instead, it is about the essence of you that is unique and indivisible from your great purpose.
The podcast offers listeners a roadmap to reclaiming their royalty by being themselves, owning their voices, and confessing and letting go of perceptions and feelings that hold them back. In this episode, Lackey offers powerful insights and lessons from Dr. Seuss, Maya Angelou, and her own experiences as a therapist and transformational speaker. Lackey's guests are all women who have claimed their space and are living their dreams as queens.
In conclusion, Lackey urges listeners to tune in to Insideout Conversations podcast live and to arrange one-to-one conversations for a truly transformative experience. Listeners will come away from this episode feeling inspired, empowered, and hopeful about claiming their own royal status as queens.