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Rob Young and Sheridan Lee

  • 061 - Summertime Wellness; Enjoy The Parties And Sun Without Sacrificing Your Health

061 - Summertime Wellness; Enjoy The Parties And Sun Without Sacrificing Your Health

Thursday 12th May 2022

Rob Young and Sheridan Lee offer practical summer wellness tips on hydration, sun exposure, and healthy partying in Balance and Moderation Episode 061.
51 minutes

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Staying Healthy Under the Sun: Summer Wellness Tips with Rob and Sheridan

You have to be a little bit more proactive if you want to keep your health as a priority during The Summer, because if you don't bring anything, all that's going to be there is some cheap beer and potato chips and then you're kind of like.
As the warm days of summer approach, keeping your wellness in check can be a bit tricky. That's where Rob Young and Sheridan Lee step in with Episode 061 of the Balance and Moderation podcast. This episode is packed with practical advice on how to enjoy the sunny season without sacrificing your health. From hydration hacks to mindful sun exposure, they've got you covered. Ever wondered how to stay hydrated while having fun in the sun?
Rob and Sheridan share easy tips like drinking a water bottle whenever you feel thirsty and adding cream of tartar for a potassium boost. They also dive into the importance of balancing sun exposure with vitamin D intake, offering natural ways to soak up the sun safely. Summer parties can be a minefield of unhealthy temptations, but fear not!
The hosts provide savvy tips for bringing your own healthy snacks and sticking to one type of drink if you choose to indulge. They emphasize the importance of gut health, suggesting fresh fruits and veggies over processed foods to avoid bloating and maintain a healthy gut microbiome. Mindfulness is another key theme in this episode. Rob and Sheridan encourage listeners to take care of themselves and be present for those who need them, including themselves.
They wrap up by inviting listeners to reach out on Instagram with any questions or future topics they'd like to see covered. So, if you're looking to enjoy summer while staying healthy, this episode is your go-to guide.