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Cayla Craft with Jill Stanton of Screw the Nine to Five

  • 105 | Become a Connecter & Screw the Nine to Five - with Jill Stanton

105 | Become a Connecter & Screw the Nine to Five - with Jill Stanton

Monday 14th January 2019

Listen to Jill Stanton share her best marketing tips to help you say goodbye to your nine to five and build a heart-centered business with affiliate marketing on Mommy Millionaire podcast at
49 minutes

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How to Build a Heart-centered Business with Affiliate Marketing: Insights from Jill Stanton on Mommy Millionaire

My biggest piece of advice is write like you're talking to a friend. So tell them a little bit about what the heck affiliate marketing is.
In this episode of Mommy Millionaire, host Cayla Craft interviews Jill Stanton, an expert affiliate marketer and master connector. Stanton and her husband Josh build an audience, identify the most successful entrepreneurs online, and share them with the Screw the Nine to Five community. They have a community-driven approach to referral marketing that can be a tremendous way to serve your community and the people you shine a light on.
Stanton shares her insights on how to build a heart-centered business with affiliate marketing, including tips for identifying search phrases for product reviews, the importance of writing and editing skills, networking and connecting with influential people, and overcoming self-doubt and obstacles. Stanton also emphasizes the importance of having a heart-centered business and shares her tips for building a successful business through affiliate marketing. This episode is inspiring, informative, empowering, hopeful, and encouraging.
Stanton’s advice is practical and actionable, making it a must-listen for anyone who wants to say goodbye to the nine to five and build a successful and fulfilling business through affiliate marketing. As Stanton says,