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  • #14 - Conspiracy Theories

#14 - Conspiracy Theories

Tuesday 15th January 2019

Join Rob, Chris, and Mace as they explore the moon landing and flat earth conspiracy theories with expert Tanner Lyman on The Normon Podcast. Listen now on!
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Unearthing the Truth: A Deep Dive into Conspiracy Theories on The Normon Podcast

Your threat and your authority over me doesn't matter. So even if you did have a pure planar view of mount everest, you have too much matter that you're trying to look through, that the light literally gets reflected.
On this episode of The Normon Podcast, Rob, Chris, and Mace dive deep into the world of conspiracy theories with expert Tanner Lyman. From the moon landing to flat earth, the group explores some of the most talked-about theories in history. They discuss evidence, scientific theories, and popular beliefs that support or debunk these theories. Tanner Lyman brings in his expertise to add clarity to these topics and explore the truth behind the theories.
The conversation takes a fascinating turn when they discuss The Gulf of Tonkin and the controversy surrounding the war in Vietnam. The group also delves into the Van Allen Belts and the Antarctic Ice Wall. They discuss the role of private companies and monopolies in shaping the world of science and social media. The episode is thought-provoking and entertaining, keeping the listeners engaged with its raw and fun nature.