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Brenda Juarez

  • 14 Conversation with Arely Martinez. Netflix, SweetCreationsbyArely, and Therapy.

14 Conversation with Arely Martinez. Netflix, SweetCreationsbyArely, and Therapy.

Friday 16th December 2022

Join Arely Martinez on 'Toxica in Recovery' as she shares her journey from undocumented status to Netflix employee and business owner, emphasizing the value of therapy.
52 minutes

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From Undocumented to Unstoppable: Arely Martinez's Inspiring Journey

My biggest takeaway was her undeniable strength in completing her education (because she wanted to) and that everyone should try therapy!
What does it take to turn life's challenges into stepping stones for success? In this episode of 'Toxica in Recovery', Brenda Juarez sits down with Arely Martinez, a woman whose story is nothing short of remarkable. Arely opens up about her journey from discovering her undocumented status and navigating the hurdles of higher education, to landing a job at Netflix and launching her own business, Sweet Creations by Arely.
Her story is a testament to resilience and the power of community support. One of the standout moments is Arely's advocacy for therapy, which she credits for helping her manage anxiety and stress. She shares how therapy has been instrumental in setting boundaries with loved ones and overcoming self-doubt and toxic beliefs. Arely's experiences highlight the importance of mental health care and the impact of early life experiences on adulthood.
If you're looking for a dose of inspiration and practical advice, this episode is a must-listen. Plus, don't miss out on a special discount code, toxica20, for Sweet Creations by Arely. Tune in to hear how Arely turned her challenges into opportunities and why she believes everyone should give therapy a try.