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  • 150 Odyssey House Journals - Gabe Goldner

150 Odyssey House Journals - Gabe Goldner

Friday 5th July 2024

Gabe Goldner shares his gripping story of addiction, recovery, and leadership at Odyssey House. An inspiring episode on resilience and hope.
29 minutes

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Gabe Goldner's Journey: From Addiction to Leadership

Episode Overview

  • Gabe Goldner shares his journey from speed addiction to fentanyl use.
  • He discusses the mental effects of addiction and how it warps reality.
  • The importance of humility in successful recovery is highlighted.
  • Community support at Odyssey House played a crucial role in his recovery.
  • Gabe plans to give back through contracting work and dental labs.
Things really started to decline when I was in a really toxic relationship and started using fentanyl
In this episode of Odyssey House Journals, TV news legend Randall Carlisle and co-host Nicole Slack sit down with Gabe Goldner, a man whose journey through addiction and recovery is nothing short of eye-opening. Gabe shares his story of running a successful remodeling business while battling an addiction to speed. Things took a turn for the worse when he started using fentanyl, a decision influenced by his girlfriend at the time.
Gabe's candid recounting of his descent into deeper addiction, including probation violations and run-ins with the law, paints a vivid picture of the struggles many face in similar situations. Despite the dark times, Gabe's story is also one of resilience and hope. Now a leader in his treatment programme at Odyssey House, he talks about what it takes to get sober and stay that way.
He opens up about the mental gymnastics addiction puts you through, explaining how substances like speed can warp your sense of time and reality. His honest reflections on how addiction affected his relationships, work, and mental health are both raw and enlightening. Gabe also discusses the importance of humility in recovery. He emphasises that success often comes to those who are willing to accept that their way hasn't been working and are open to new methods.
This episode isn't just about the pitfalls of addiction; it's also a testament to the power of recovery and the community support available at places like Odyssey House. For anyone grappling with addiction or supporting someone who is, Gabe's story offers valuable insights and practical advice.
Tune in to hear how he plans to give back to the community through his new ventures in contracting and dental labs, aiming to help others rebuild their lives just as he has rebuilt his own. Don't miss this compelling episode that dives deep into the complexities of addiction and the road to recovery. Gabe's journey is a powerful reminder that it's never too late to turn things around.