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  • 16-Recovery & Healthcare

16-Recovery & Healthcare

Monday 4th October 2021

Greg Freeman discusses his journey through addiction recovery as a healthcare professional on Recovery Uncovered with Mike and Betsy.
78 minutes

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Healthcare and Healing: Greg Freeman's Journey on Recovery Uncovered

I think that you're doing great work with regard to that, and I think that that's our goal is to eradicate stigma and make these conversations allowed.
What happens when those who are supposed to heal us need healing themselves? In this compelling episode of Recovery Uncovered, hosts Michael 'MHAB Mike' Carpenter and Betsy Vicencio sit down with Greg Freeman, Regional Manager of Occupational Health & Wellness for the UVM Health Network at CVPH. Greg's story is a poignant reminder that healthcare professionals are not immune to the struggles of addiction and recovery.
His personal tragedy reshaped his career and led him to advocate for a more compassionate approach to healthcare in the recovery community. Mike, Betsy, and Greg dive into the critical role healthcare plays in addiction recovery, discussing the challenges faced by healthcare professionals who seek help. They touch on the emotional toll of addiction, the difficulty in finding treatment beds, and the power of sharing personal stories to break the cycle of isolation.
Greg also emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to healthcare, integrating peer support and emotional well-being into the recovery process. This episode is a heartfelt exploration of the intersection between healthcare and recovery, offering hope and practical insights for anyone navigating these challenging waters.