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  • 179. Healthy Shame verses Toxic Shame

179. Healthy Shame verses Toxic Shame

Monday 8th July 2024

Explore the difference between healthy and toxic shame with Heidi Mortenson. Learn how to turn shame into a tool for personal growth and stronger relationships.
25 minutes

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Strong Tower Mental Health with Heidi Mortenson
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Healthy Shame vs. Toxic Shame: A Fresh Perspective

Episode Overview

  • Shame isn't always bad; it can be healthy and foster character growth.
  • Neuroscience helps us understand the role of shame in relationships.
  • Healthy shame involves constructive feedback within a loving relationship.
  • Toxic shame leaves individuals feeling isolated and worthless.
  • Building strong, healthy attachments can transform how we experience shame.
Healthy shame is a nonverbal response, reaction to a face that's not happy with me. I love you, but I believe that you stopped acting like yourself.
Ever thought shame could be a good thing? In this episode of Strong Tower Mental Health, Heidi Mortenson, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, dives into the intriguing concept of healthy shame versus toxic shame. With references from the Bible, Brené Brown, and the book 'The Other Half of Church', Heidi explores how God uses neuroscience to help us understand relationships, connection, and joy.
She challenges the common belief that all shame is harmful and instead introduces the idea that healthy shame can actually foster character growth and transformation. By sharing personal anecdotes and practical advice, Heidi offers a fresh perspective on how to deal with shame in a way that leads to positive change. Whether you're struggling with addiction, depression, or just want to improve your mental health, this episode provides valuable insights into how to handle shame constructively.
Don't miss out on this eye-opening discussion that could change the way you view your own experiences with shame. Tune in to discover how to transform unhealthy shame into a tool for personal growth and stronger relationships.