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  • 190: Living on the Other Side of Addiction with Dana Golden

190: Living on the Other Side of Addiction with Dana Golden

Friday 20th July 2001

In this episode of The Addicted Mind Podcast, certified recovery and family addiction coach Dana Golden talks about living on the other side of addiction, shares her personal story, and offers insights into recovery and finding freedom.
39 minutes

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Living on the Other Side of Addiction: A Candid Conversation with Dana Golden on The Addicted Mind Podcast

You’ve just got to learn how to pick up and move on... Growing up, Dana's...
On the latest episode of The Addicted Mind Podcast, certified recovery and family addiction coach Dana Golden shares her story of living on the other side of addiction. For Dana, addiction hit close to home, as her partner struggled with substance use. In her conversation with host Duane Osterlind, she talks candidly about her experiences and offers insights into the journey of recovery and finding freedom.
At the heart of Dana's story is the impact of addiction on loved ones. Growing up in a family where addiction was prevalent, she learned maladaptive behaviors and coping mechanisms that she carried into other relationships. As she notes, she was attracted to partners with addiction issues because she believed she could fix them. However, she soon realized that she couldn't control their use or cure them.
Through her personal journey, Dana emphasizes the importance of developing boundaries in relationships. As she points out, loved ones often keep addicts comfortable by not setting boundaries. However, setting boundaries can be a difficult and sad process, especially when the person is still in their active addiction. Dana works with families to come up with bottom lines that turn the addict around to accept treatment. She also stresses the importance of support and community in the recovery process.
Dana's journey to self-discovery and healing has been transformative. She credits her recovery to being a strong woman, surrounding herself with other strong women, and leading her daughters by example. She also emphasizes the power of storytelling in helping others. After her partner went to prison and got clean, she decided to share their story to help others going through addiction.
The Addicted Mind Podcast episode with Dana Golden is an inspiring and informative conversation about the impact of addiction on loved ones, the journey of recovery, and the power of storytelling. It offers insights into developing boundaries in relationships, interventions, and finding freedom. The episode is a must-listen for anyone struggling with addiction or supporting a loved one on their journey to recovery. Listen to the episode now here on alcoholfree.com and learn from Dana Golden's wisdom and experience.