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The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast (Diana Zaheer, Ashley Loeb Blassingame)

  • 228. Transforming Our Inner Critic: Diana Zaheer on Energy, Spirituality, and Over the Counter Meditations

228. Transforming Our Inner Critic: Diana Zaheer on Energy, Spirituality, and Over the Counter Meditations

Wednesday 10th July 2024

Join Diana Zaheer and Ashley Loeb Blassingame as they explore the critical voice, self-compassion, and the power of meditations in recovery.
49 minutes

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The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast
Ashley Loeb Blassingame
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Transforming Your Inner Critic with Diana Zaheer

Episode Overview

  • Understanding and managing the critical voice in our minds.
  • Techniques for fostering self-compassion and inner peace.
  • Insights into energy work and spirituality from Diana's journey.
  • 'Over the Counter Meditations' project details and benefits.
  • Practical advice on integrating meditation into daily life.
We forget ourselves because it's so painful to go inside when you hear all this judgment and comparison and criticism
In this episode of 'The Courage to Change: A Recovery Podcast,' host Ashley Loeb Blassingame welcomes Diana Zaheer, a spiritual teacher and healer with a rich background in energy work and global spiritual traditions. Diana shares her fascinating journey from her childhood experiences of seeing energy to studying with spiritual teachers across Asia.
She dives into the concept of the critical voice, explaining how it impacts our lives and how we can work with it to foster self-compassion and inner peace. Diana discusses her latest project, 'Over the Counter Meditations,' a collection of spontaneous meditations paired with beautiful music. This project aims to provide accessible tools for people to reconnect with themselves, especially during challenging times. Ashley and Diana's conversation is filled with personal anecdotes, making the discussion relatable and engaging.
Diana's unique approach combines teachings and practices from various traditions, creating a distinctive mothering style that resonates deeply with those she helps. Her insights into spirituality and energy work offer listeners practical advice on how to cultivate inner calm and navigate their recovery journey. If you're looking for inspiration and practical tips on managing your inner critic, this episode is a must-listen. Diana's wisdom and Ashley's heartfelt conversation provide a comforting and motivating experience.
Tune in to explore how you can transform your inner dialogue and find peace within yourself.