Making Recovery Real

Making Recovery Real Talks To

Making Recovery Real

  • 3. Making Recovery Real Talks To - Health Inequalities Manager Sheila Allan

3. Making Recovery Real Talks To - Health Inequalities Manager Sheila Allan

Wednesday 31st March 2021

Join Michelle and Sheila Allan as they discuss mental health barriers and community efforts to improve wellbeing in Dundee.
38 minutes

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Making Recovery Real
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Breaking Down Barriers: Sheila Allan on Mental Health and Wellbeing in Dundee

Improving mental health and well-being and tackling health inequalities is something that everyone can contribute to.
Ever wondered what it takes to make mental health support accessible for everyone? In this episode, Michelle chats with Sheila Allan, the Community Health Inequalities Manager from Dundee Health & Social Care Partnership. Sheila sheds light on what mental health and wellbeing truly mean and why they're crucial for the community. They discuss the hurdles people face in accessing mental health services and how the Community Health Inequalities teams are working to overcome these barriers.
From social prescribing to partnerships for change, Sheila offers a comprehensive look at the collaborative efforts aimed at improving mental health in Dundee. Plus, you'll hear about the role of Public Health Scotland and the Scottish government in tackling these issues, especially during challenging times like the pandemic. If you're keen to understand how small actions can lead to big changes in community wellbeing, this episode is a must-listen.