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  • 34: Lean into Clean with Jarvis Smith - Episode 34

34: Lean into Clean with Jarvis Smith - Episode 34

Wednesday 10th July 2024

Join Jarvis Smith as he explores practical ways to live sustainably, featuring expert insights on renewable energy and eco-friendly practices.
46 minutes

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Lean Into Clean: Sustainable Living with Jarvis Smith

Episode Overview

  • Explore practical ways to live sustainably.
  • Learn about renewable energy solutions for your home.
  • Understand the economic challenges of high energy bills.
  • Discover the importance of government intervention in energy debt.
  • Get inspired by highlights from London Climate Action Week.
The technologies we need to win this battle against the climate crisis are at hand
Jarvis Smith brings a breath of fresh air to UK Health Radio with his new show, 'Lean Into Clean'. In this episode, Jarvis tackles the pressing issue of sustainability and how we can all contribute to a cleaner, greener planet. Reflecting on the recent London Climate Action Week, he shares highlights from various events, including the People Environment Achievement Awards and panels discussing the evolution of sustainability.
The episode features insights from notable figures like Kathleen Prenderville from Google and Emily Cromwell from Deloitte, who share their expertise on health, well-being, and sustainable consumer practices. Jarvis also dives into the economic challenges faced by millions of households struggling to pay energy bills and the urgent need for government intervention. Tom Parsons, an expert in the UK energy market, joins the conversation to discuss renewable energy solutions and the importance of decarbonising homes.
This episode is packed with practical advice on how to make sustainable choices that benefit both your wallet and the environment. So, if you're curious about how you can contribute to a healthier planet while saving money, this episode is a must-listen. Don't miss out on these valuable insights that could help you make a real difference!