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Kevin and Danielle Riley

  • 38) Real Talk 3: In A Pandemic

38) Real Talk 3: In A Pandemic

Tuesday 14th April 2020

Kevin, Brent, and Nate explore spiritual practices, church's future, and virtual Communion in 'Hold Fast' during the pandemic.
28 minutes

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Faith in Crisis: Finding Spiritual Connection During a Pandemic

How do you keep your faith strong when the world is turned upside down? In this episode of 'Hold Fast', Kevin, Brent, and Nate dive into the spiritual practices that help them stay connected to God during the chaos of a pandemic. They tackle some big questions: Will the church ever be the same? Can an empty church echo the symbolism of the empty tomb? And what about virtual Communion—does it hold the same power as gathering in person?
These candid conversations offer a blend of deep reflection and practical advice, making it a must-listen for anyone grappling with their faith in these uncertain times. Whether you're looking for new ways to maintain your spiritual life or just curious about how others are coping, this episode provides a comforting and insightful perspective.