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  • 39. Holistic Understanding of Addiction

39. Holistic Understanding of Addiction

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Gain new insights into addiction with the latest episode of Ask an Addiction Specialist. Join TherapyCable and guest speakers for a thought-provoking discussion on the holistic approach to addiction, available on
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A Holistic Approach to Addiction: Insights from Ask an Addiction Specialist

We're going to look at addiction in a more expanded way. We'll be talking about a whole bunch of interesting stuff next week from a therapeutic perspective, which is just one perspective.
Ask an Addiction Specialist is a live show sponsored by Beginnings Treatment Centers that opens up discussion of addiction topics. In the latest episode, TherapyCable and guest speakers explore the holistic understanding of addiction. While addiction is often associated with substance abuse, it can manifest in various forms, from gambling and eating to shopping and pornography. The goal of addiction treatment is to help individuals recover their lives and find liberation from enslavement.
A holistic approach to addiction recognizes that addiction is not just a medical condition but a human condition that affects the whole person. This episode examines the benefits of taking a holistic approach to addiction, including how it can help to treat or manage addiction, rather than merely labeling it as a disease. The medical and legal perspectives on addiction are also discussed, with a focus on how doctors and therapists might define addiction differently.
Additionally, the role of spirituality in addiction is explored. While addiction is often seen as a spiritual problem, it is just one perspective among many. The impact of addiction on loved ones is also highlighted, with a discussion of how anger and fear can turn into judgment and push loved ones away. Finally, the importance of seeking help for addiction is emphasized, and listeners are encouraged to join the Facebook group and call to speak with a friendly addiction guide.
The episode concludes with a preview of next week's discussion on addiction from a therapeutic perspective. Listen to the episode now here on and gain new insights into addiction.