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  • 4 Years Sober, There Is No Box & OpiAID Revolutionizing Addiction Recovery With Dino Miliotis

4 Years Sober, There Is No Box & OpiAID Revolutionizing Addiction Recovery With Dino Miliotis

Sunday 7th July 2024

Dino Miliotis shares his 20-year battle with addiction, recovery journey, and how AI is revolutionising addiction treatment in this inspiring episode.
58 minutes

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From Addiction to Innovation: Dino Miliotis' Journey

Episode Overview

  • Dino Miliotis shares his 20-year battle with addiction.
  • Discusses the role of AI in revolutionising addiction treatment.
  • Highlights the importance of support systems in sobriety.
  • Explores personal anecdotes and reflections on recovery.
  • Emphasises the potential of innovative approaches like OpiAID.
You are stronger than you think. There's never a good time to start.
Ever wondered how a celebrated entrepreneur battles addiction and comes out stronger? This episode of Knockin’ Doorz Down with Jason LaChance dives into the inspiring journey of Dino Miliotis. Known for his innovative Bug-Ban bracelet and appearances on Oprah and Forbes, Dino opens up about his 20-year struggle with alcohol and drugs. He shares raw and honest reflections on his path to sobriety, marking four years of recovery.
His story is not just about overcoming addiction but also about leveraging technology for good through his involvement with OpiAID, a company using AI to tackle the opioid crisis. Dino’s candid conversation includes anecdotes about the highs and lows of addiction, the importance of support systems, and the revolutionary potential of AI in addiction treatment. If you’re looking for a mix of inspiration, real talk, and a bit of humour, this episode is a must-listen.
Ready to be inspired by Dino’s journey and learn how AI is changing the game in addiction recovery? Tune in now and find out how Dino’s resilience can motivate you on your own path.