Sonya Del Tredici and John Keenan

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Sonya Del Tredici and John Keenan

  • 44. Cannabis and CV Outcomes

44. Cannabis and CV Outcomes

Monday 1st July 2024

Dive into cannabis use and cardiovascular outcomes with Drs. Keenan and del Trudici, exploring research, DEA rescheduling, and more.
34 minutes

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Sonya Del Tredici and John Keenan
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Cannabis and Cardiovascular Health: Risks and Realities

Episode Overview

  • Cannabis use is associated with increased cardiovascular risks, including heart disease and stroke.
  • The DEA is proposing to reschedule cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 3.
  • The Biden administration has indefinitely delayed the menthol cigarette ban.
  • Biological mechanisms suggest cannabis could impact cardiovascular health through endocannabinoid receptors.
  • Addiction medicine practitioners should consider cannabis use when assessing patients' cardiovascular risks.
I think I can tell people, like the data that we have shows that there's a pretty strong association between coronary heart disease and cannabis use
Cannabis and cardiovascular health take centre stage in this episode of the Addiction Medicine Journal Club. Dr. John Keenan and Dr. Sonia del Trudici dive into the association between cannabis use and cardiovascular outcomes, shedding light on a study by Jeffers et al. published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. They discuss the DEA's proposal to reschedule cannabis and the implications of this move, along with the indefinite delay of the menthol cigarette ban by the Biden administration.
The episode is peppered with personal anecdotes, including Sonia's recent brush with a potentially fatal wasp sting, adding a human touch to the discussion. The hosts explore the biological plausibility of cannabis causing heart disease, referencing endocannabinoid receptors and THC's hemodynamic effects. They also consider how lifestyle factors like physical activity and diet play into cardiovascular health. The episode wraps up with practical advice for addiction medicine practitioners, emphasising the importance of considering cannabis use when assessing patients' cardiovascular risk.
If you're keen to understand how cannabis impacts heart health and stay updated on addiction medicine research, this episode is a must-listen.