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Stephan Neff

  • 459 Colin F Watson: The Age-Reversing Fitness Maestro - Life is an inside-out game

459 Colin F Watson: The Age-Reversing Fitness Maestro - Life is an inside-out game

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Discover Colin F. Watson's inspiring journey from addiction and health struggles to fitness mastery. Learn how mindset shifts can transform your life.
62 minutes

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Stephan Neff
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Transforming Health Inside-Out: Colin F. Watson's Journey

Episode Overview

  • Address both mental and physical aspects for lasting transformation.
  • Small, consistent steps lead to significant changes.
  • Mindset shifts are crucial for overcoming addiction.
  • Releasing limiting beliefs can aid in sustainable weight loss.
  • True health transformation involves dealing with past traumas.
Unless you're willing to do the inside game and the outside game, I believe permanent weight loss doesn't happen
In this episode of 'Steps To Sobriety', Colin F. Watson, the Age-Reversing Fitness Maestro, shares his transformative journey from battling addiction and severe health issues to becoming a beacon of vitality and fitness. Host Stephan Neff dives deep into Colin's inspiring story, exploring how he overcame high blood pressure, sleep apnea, type II diabetes, and a broken back with multiple surgeries.
Colin's philosophy revolves around the 'inside-out game', emphasising the importance of addressing mental and emotional traumas alongside physical fitness for lasting health and wellness. He believes that true transformation requires more than just diet and exercise; it demands a shift in mindset and the release of limiting beliefs. Colin's candid reflections on his struggles and triumphs offer hope and practical advice for anyone facing similar challenges. His message is clear: it's never too late to reclaim your health and happiness.
Tune in to discover how small, consistent steps can lead to monumental changes in your life.