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  • 5 Years 5 Gals 5 Words #3

5 Years 5 Gals 5 Words #3

Tuesday 8th January 2019

Discover the power of letting go and letting God in this episode of the Sober Moments Podcast. Listen to the inspiring stories of 5 women who found peace and happiness in sobriety. Join the conversation on
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Letting Go and Letting God: Insights from the Sober Moments Podcast

For me, when I think about let go and let God, that's my short version of the third step prayer. It's the quick mini. Okay, it's time pray, ask God for help, guidance, to take this from me, to allow my ego to back out and for it to be the way that God thinks it should be.
The Sober Moments Podcast is back with another episode, and this time, Karen Today is continuing her series of '5 Years, 5 Gals, 5 Words' with the third word: Let Go and Let God. In this episode, Karen shares the story of her friend Ashley, who chose these words for her 5-year medallion, and explains why this principle is crucial in recovery.
Ashley's journey of turning things over to her higher power and letting go of her ego is a daily practice that has brought her peace and happiness. Karen reflects on the third step prayer and how it encapsulates the idea of Let Go and Let God. She also invites listeners to share their thoughts on practicing step three consistently and giving their higher power control over their lives.
This episode is inspiring, informative, and encouraging, and it highlights the power of spirituality in addiction recovery. If you want to learn more about Let Go and Let God, listen to this episode now on