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I'm Quitting Alcohol

David Boyle

  • 5 Years 58 days - Member

5 Years 58 days - Member

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Join David Boyle as he hilariously navigates union drama at work while sharing the raw realities of sobriety. A must-listen for laughs and insights.
9 minutes

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I'm Quitting Alcohol
David Boyle
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Union Drama and Sobriety: Boyle's Hilarious Take

Episode Overview

  • Union promises better pay and benefits.
  • Boyle's humorous take on serious topics.
  • The physical toll of construction work.
  • Co-worker dynamics and scepticism.
  • Reflections on the value of labour.
You're really giving up quite a lot of your life just to do this shit, so you should really be reimbursed for it
David Boyle's 'I'm Quitting Alcohol' podcast takes a humorous yet gritty look at the ups and downs of sobriety. In this episode, Boyle dives into the drama of his work life as he and his mates join a union. He paints a vivid picture of the union rep who could easily be mistaken for a biker or criminal, adding a layer of comedy to the serious topic of workers' rights.
Boyle’s storytelling is both raw and engaging, making you feel like you're right there in the waterproofing tunnel with him and his 'brothers in arms'. The union promises better pay and benefits, which Boyle finds both amusing and potentially life-changing. He shares anecdotes about his co-workers, including Irish lads who are thrilled with the current conditions and a sceptical Lebanese guy who eventually signs up for the union despite his doubts.
Boyle's reflections on the physical toll of construction work are poignant, as he observes his colleagues limping and holding their backs. He questions whether the promised union benefits will materialise or if it's all just big talk. This episode is a rollercoaster of emotions, blending humour with harsh realities. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in the daily grind of sobriety and the unexpected twists that come with it.