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  • 56: Opiates & Medical Cannabis with Peter Grinspoon

56: Opiates & Medical Cannabis with Peter Grinspoon

Wednesday 2nd January 2019

Can medical cannabis help curb opioid addiction? Find out as Peter Grinspoon shares his insights on The Addicted Mind Podcast. Listen now on alcoholfree.com!
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Medical Cannabis as a Solution to Opiate Addiction: Insights from Peter Grinspoon on The Addicted Mind Podcast

Suboxone doesn't get you high if you're using it appropriately, and that kind of stigma is killing people.
On episode 56 of The Addicted Mind Podcast, host Duane Osterlind interviews Peter Grinspoon, a primary care physician in the Boston area and an advocate of medical cannabis. Grinspoon shares his personal experience with opiate addiction and his belief that medical cannabis can help curb the opioid epidemic. In this article, we'll explore the main points covered in the episode, including the dangers of opiate addiction, the role of physician health programs in addiction treatment, and the potential of mindfulness in addiction recovery.
Grinspoon's journey with addiction began during medical school when he and some classmates tried Vicodin. While his classmates tried it once and moved on, Grinspoon felt a strong compulsion to find another high. This led him down a dangerous path of addiction, which he eventually overcame with the help of family, friends, and professional treatment. Grinspoon now advocates for the use of medical cannabis as a safer alternative to opiates.
Grinspoon believes that the stigma surrounding addiction treatment is a major barrier to recovery. He emphasizes the importance of long-term follow-up for addiction recovery and the role of physician health programs in helping healthcare providers get the help they need without fear of losing their license. He also notes the limitations of willpower in addiction recovery and the potential of mindfulness in helping individuals develop the skills needed to maintain sobriety.
One of the key takeaways from this episode is the potential of medical cannabis as a solution to the opioid epidemic. Grinspoon notes that medical cannabis can be used to prevent people from being on opiates in the first place, and that it is much better for chronic pain than opiates, with fewer negative consequences. He also dispels the myth that medical cannabis gets people high, noting that Suboxone, a medication used to treat opiate addiction, doesn't get you high when used appropriately.
Overall, this episode of The Addicted Mind Podcast provides a thought-provoking and informative discussion on the opioid epidemic and addiction treatment. Whether you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice. Listen to the full episode now here on alcoholfree.com and take the first step towards recovery.