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Elizabeth Kupferman

  • 57. The Deep End: #ReleaseTheFootage

57. The Deep End: #ReleaseTheFootage

Thursday 27th June 2024

Join Elizabeth Kupferman and team as they unravel the chaos within Teal Swan's organisation. Expect dark humour, raw truths, and shocking revelations.
66 minutes

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Unmasking Teal Swan: Chaos, Cults, and Control

Episode Overview

  • Teal Swan faces cult accusations from private investigators.
  • Blake and Juliana are manipulated and gaslit by Teal.
  • #ReleaseTheFootage becomes a rallying cry against documentary manipulation.
  • Explores codependency, trauma responses, and recovery.
  • Dark humour used to tackle serious topics.
Teal blames Blake and her manager for the investigator's cult accusations. Classic deflection.
In this episode of 'Ask An Advanced Bitch', Elizabeth Kupferman, Trent Toomey, and Taylor Wallace dive into the chaotic world of Teal Swan's organisation. With private investigators labelling it a cult, tensions run high as accusations fly and relationships crumble. Teal blames her manager and Blake for the cult accusations, leading to classic deflection and gaslighting. Juliana finds herself caught in the crossfire, used as a pawn by Teal to further her agenda.
As Juliana and Blake decide to leave, Teal has a meltdown that is both shocking and revealing. The hashtag #ReleaseTheFootage becomes a rallying cry as the team dissects the documentary footage that Teal claims was manipulated against her. Expect dark humour, raw truths, and an unfiltered look at the complexities of codependency, trauma responses, and recovery. This episode is a rollercoaster of emotions and revelations that you won't want to miss.
Dive in to understand how manipulation and control play out in real-life scenarios and what it means for those trying to break free from toxic environments.