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  • 6 -ACTION - Pam M

6 -ACTION - Pam M

Wednesday 27th March 2019

Pam M shares her journey in Hartville Celebrate Recovery, highlighting how taking action and embracing faith can transform your recovery path.
19 minutes

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Taking Steps: Pam M's Guide to Action in Recovery

Recovery is regaining our old self, and it's at this time that, upon making this decision to give everything to God, transformation begins, and that is changing into our new self.
Pam M brings a refreshing perspective to the Hartville Celebrate Recovery podcast. In this episode, she dives into the vital role of action in the recovery journey. Pam shares her own experiences, illustrating how taking concrete steps can lead to profound change. It's not just about finding your old self but discovering a new, faith-driven version of you. With a focus on accepting Jesus and trusting God's plan, Pam emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and living in the moment.
Her insights are both practical and deeply spiritual, making this episode a must-listen for anyone looking to break free from their past and embrace a hopeful future. Whether you're in the midst of your recovery journey or supporting someone who is, Pam's story and advice offer a beacon of hope and a roadmap for transformation.