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  • 69th Street Suicide | Sharon Greenwald

69th Street Suicide | Sharon Greenwald

Monday 8th November 2021

Hear Sharon Greenwald's journey through depression and survival in 'Sixty-ninth Street Suicide' on the Time Out for Mental Health Podcast.
33 minutes

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Sharon Greenwald: Finding Light in the Darkness of Depression

For me, it's not the macho guy who's lifting weights four hours a day and being: oh yeah, I'm a big bully. But they've got to be strong enough to, especially with women, to create this safe space for a woman to be who she is and not be threatened with it, and allow the woman to again express herself and not fix her and pretty much listen and maybe ask some questions for clarification.
Ever wondered what it takes to survive a suicide attempt and find purpose afterward? Sharon Greenwald knows all too well. In this gripping episode of 'Time Out for Mental Health', Sharon opens up about her journey through the darkest corners of depression, as detailed in her book 'Sixty-ninth Street Suicide'. Her story begins with a catastrophic event at 17 that set her on a path toward self-destruction.
But what happens when she wakes up from a five-day coma after a failed suicide attempt? Sharon's raw and candid narrative aims to dismantle the stigma around mental illness, offering a rare glimpse into the thoughts and feelings that led her to that point. The conversation doesn't just stop at Sharon's experiences. It also touches on the broader impact of depression on men and how women can play a crucial role in supporting mental health.
With an empathetic tone and moments of light humor, this episode is a must-listen for anyone grappling with mental health issues or supporting someone who is. Sharon's story is not just about struggle; it's about resilience, hope, and the power of being open and authentic. Tune in to find out how she turned her life around and what lessons she has for others on similar journeys.