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Recovery Happy Hour

Recovery Happy Hour

  • 80- Teedoodler

80- Teedoodler

Tuesday 7th January 2020

Join Tricia Lewis on Recovery Happy Hour as she talks with Teedoodler about his journey to sobriety and the power of staying alcohol-free. Listen to the episode now on
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Teedoodler and the Power of Sobriety

Drinking over it is just inviting it to sit down and overstay.
On this episode of Recovery Happy Hour, Tricia Lewis sits down with Teedoodler to discuss his journey to sobriety. Teedoodler shares his experience as a gray area drinker and the negative effects that alcohol had on his life. Despite being high-functioning on paper, Teedoodler experienced low feelings and became extremely unhappy. He would get drunk and immediately think the worst of himself. However, he knew how to time everything, from pregame drinks to the ride, and he experienced the feeling of not being able to stop and not wanting to stop.
Teedoodler also shares how he created an Instagram account to document his journey to sobriety and how it grew quickly as others connected with his story. He talks about the power of staying alcohol-free and the thousands of activities that can be done instead of drinking. Tricia and Teedoodler discuss the importance of sobriety and the positive impact that it has had on their lives.
In this episode of Recovery Happy Hour, listeners will gain insight into the journey of a gray area drinker and the power of staying alcohol-free. Teedoodler's story is both inspiring and informative, providing hope and encouragement to those on their own journey to sobriety. Listen to the full episode now here on