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Stephen Hays

  • #91 - Modern Health Co-Founder and CEO Alyson Watson

#91 - Modern Health Co-Founder and CEO Alyson Watson

Tuesday 2nd November 2021

Alyson Watson of Modern Health shares her journey and insights on improving workplace mental health benefits on the Stigma Podcast.
36 minutes

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Stigma Podcast - Mental Health
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Alyson Watson on Revolutionizing Workplace Mental Health

It's something that, for our species to survive, we must figure out how to get this right.
Ever wondered how mental health benefits can reshape the workplace? In this episode of the Stigma Podcast, Stephen Hays sits down with Alyson Watson, the dynamic CEO and co-founder of Modern Health. Alyson shares her personal journey with mental health, from her struggles with anxiety and depression to creating a groundbreaking platform that offers comprehensive mental health benefits for employers worldwide. Modern Health is not just another tech solution; it's a lifeline for many employees facing mental health challenges.
Alyson discusses the stigma that once surrounded mental health support in the workplace and how Modern Health is breaking down these barriers. She dives into the importance of providing mental health benefits, especially in today's high-stress environment, and how it can lead to increased productivity and a healthier work-life balance. Alyson also opens up about her experience with Y Combinator, a startup accelerator that played a crucial role in Modern Health's early days.
She explains how the program helped shape her vision and provided the tools needed to tackle the mental health crisis head-on. The conversation highlights the necessity of creating a culture of connection in the workplace, where employees feel safe to be authentic and empathetic. The episode doesn't just stop at discussing problems; it offers actionable insights for companies looking to prioritize mental wellness.
Alyson emphasizes the need for businesses to partner with mental health solutions like Modern Health to ensure their employees have access to the support they need. Whether you're an employer, an employee, or someone interested in mental health advocacy, this episode is packed with valuable takeaways that can inspire real change.