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  • A Woman in Recovery - Episode 44

A Woman in Recovery - Episode 44

Saturday 4th January 2020

In this podcast episode, Pamela Grimm discusses her journey to become a personal trainer and how it helped her in her journey of addiction recovery. Listen now on
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A Woman in Recovery: Reinventing Herself Through Fitness

I get a lot of satisfaction from helping women. My oldest client has been 89 years old. I currently work with a client who's 82 and several of my clients have told me how much their mental health has improved as a result of working out.
Pamela Grimm's journey of recovery from addiction has been a constant process of reinvention. In episode 44 of A Woman in Recovery, Grimm shares how her passion for fitness helped her overcome the challenges of changing careers and find a sense of purpose in helping women become stronger and healthier. Grimm talks about her journey of becoming a certified personal trainer and the challenges of starting a new career in her late 50s. She also shares how her focus on mental health and positive thoughts has helped her clients transform their lives through fitness. Read on to learn more about Grimm's inspiring story and how fitness can be a powerful tool in addiction recovery.
Grimm's journey of reinvention began in April when she decided to pursue her passion for fitness by getting a certification as a personal trainer. Despite working full-time as a program director at a women's outpatient treatment center in San Francisco, Grimm managed to complete the online course and even got a certification as a Zumba instructor. However, things started feeling messy at her job, and Grimm no longer felt comfortable in that position. So, she took a leap of faith and left her job to work in a field that she had always been passionate about.
Grimm started teaching Zumba classes and holding boot camp-type exercise classes three days a week. She eventually became a mobile personal trainer, going to people's homes to train them. Her focus on women 50 years and older was driven by her own familiarity with the demographic and her desire to help women become strong, flexible, and improve their balance. Grimm's clients have reported improved mental health as a result of working out with her, and she finds great satisfaction in helping women achieve their fitness goals.
Grimm's journey of reinvention is a powerful example of how a career change can be an opportunity for growth and transformation, even in later life. Her focus on mental health and positive thoughts is a reminder of the importance of a holistic approach to fitness and recovery. If you're looking for inspiration to pursue your own passion for fitness or seeking guidance on how to reinvent yourself in addiction recovery, this episode is a must-listen. Listen to the full episode now on and start your own journey of reinvention today.