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Father Bill W.

Father Bill W.

  • AA Originals: Step Three – It’s Simply A Decision

AA Originals: Step Three – It’s Simply A Decision

Sunday 13th January 2019

Join Father Bill W. in this podcast episode as he explores the simpler method of Step Three in AA. Discover how this practice can move us quickly into the next critical phase of recovery. Listen to the episode now on alcoholfree.com.
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The Simplicity of Step Three in AA: Insights from Father Bill W.

I'm pretty convinced after watching what has happened in the fellowships for A Number Of Years, is that we've complicated a process that in the beginning was quite simple.
Father Bill W., an Episcopal priest and a grateful member of Alcoholics Anonymous, believes that the 12-Step process has become more complicated over time. In this podcast episode, he shares his insights on Step Three and how it can be a life-changing decision for those in recovery. Father Bill W. also explores the history of Step Three in AA and the lost practice of Two Way Prayer, which he believes can deepen one's spiritual practice.
He emphasizes the importance of surrender, decision-making, and simplicity in the program. By sharing his personal experiences and reflections, Father Bill W. inspires listeners to explore a deeper understanding of spiritual practice and connect with the "Great Reality" within. Listen to the episode now on alcoholfree.com and discover the transformative power of Step Three in AA.