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  • Abuse by Commission vs Abuse by Omission

Abuse by Commission vs Abuse by Omission

Thursday 2nd January 2020

In this Narcissism Recovery Podcast episode, Yitz Epstein explains the difference between abuse by commission and abuse by omission, and how covert abuse is just as malicious as overt abuse.
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The Covertly Destructive Nature of Abuse by Omission: Understanding Narcissistic Abuse

It's important to see passive abuse as equally and perhaps even more destructive than overt abuse.
In this episode of the Narcissism Recovery Podcast, Yitz Epstein delves into the often-overlooked topic of abuse by omission. While abuse by commission, such as physical, sexual, and verbal abuse, may be more obvious, covert abuse by omission can be just as malicious and destructive. Epstein explains how neglecting responsibilities, avoiding confrontation, and not being transparent in relationships can cause extreme damage to those who rely on the abuser.
Victims of covert abuse may enter a state of denial, only recognizing random actions of abuse as spurts of mistreatment. In addition, victims may split the parent into good and bad and create an idealized version of the parent, defending the abuser and avoiding the true reality of the passive aggression. Epstein emphasizes the importance of rigorous self-reflection and evaluation of relationships, including isolation or disconnecting from relationships to identify toxic, vampiring, and abusive relationships.
While healing is still possible, victims must be aware of the energetic psychic connection between them and their abuser, which may cause them to return to toxic relationships. Epstein offers a free-minute consultation to discuss situations and help victims identify relationship patterns and ultimately shift their mindset to understand healthy ways of relating. Listen to the episode now here on alcoholfree.com and start your journey towards healing and understanding the covertly destructive nature of abuse by omission.