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Friday 16th October 2020

Discover how acceptance can aid your recovery and spiritual growth with Dr. Ken Buckle on 'Encounter with Dr. Ken'.
24 minutes

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Embracing Acceptance: A Path to Healing with Dr. Ken Buckle

The challenge of acceptance is to surrender our need to quickly decide if something's good or bad, but to just take it as it is.
Acceptance can be a tough pill to swallow, but in this episode of 'Encounter with Dr. Ken', Dr. Ken Buckle delves into why it's crucial for recovery and spiritual growth. He kicks things off with a moment of stillness and prayer, encouraging listeners to set aside worldly worries and focus on their inner healing. Dr. Ken breaks down the concept of acceptance, explaining that it’s about recognizing the reality of a situation without trying to change or control it.
He brings in relatable examples from the Bible and everyday life, like Jesus respecting people's free will and a farmer dealing with life's unpredictability. The episode also highlights the importance of humility and surrender in embracing acceptance. Dr. Ken offers practical tips for incorporating this mindset into daily life and suggests additional resources for those eager to dive deeper.
Whether you're struggling with addiction, mental health issues, or simply seeking personal growth, this episode provides valuable insights on how acceptance can be a transformative tool.