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  • Airing Addiction: Ken Feldstein's Story

Airing Addiction: Ken Feldstein's Story

Wednesday 20th December 2023

Ken Feldstein shares his inspiring journey from addiction to recovery on 'Airing Addiction'. Learn how community support can foster healing and hope.
51 minutes

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Ken Feldstein's Story: A Tale of Recovery, Family, and Community Support

Episode Overview

  • Ken Feldstein's inspiring journey from addiction to becoming a certified Recovery Coach
  • Practical insights on supporting loved ones during the holiday season
  • The significance of love, community, and connection in sustaining recovery
  • Fostering inclusivity and understanding for individuals and families affected by addiction
  • Promoting healing and compassion in the recovery journey
You never let go of that connection. No matter how tired and exhausted you were, that connection was the most important, and your son could still even feel it and see it.
Ken Feldstein has seen it all, from his own battles with heroin addiction to helping others navigate their recovery journeys. In this episode of 'Airing Addiction', hosts Lisa Blanchard and Jesse Chaison sit down with Ken, a certified Recovery Coach at Signature Healthcare’s OBAT program. Ken's story is one of resilience, love, and the power of community-based recovery.
Over the past five years, he has dedicated himself to engaging clients in recovery that goes beyond medication, fostering deep connections within the Brockton community. Ken’s journey isn't just about his own recovery; it also includes supporting his son's path to sobriety. His experiences highlight the importance of sustained support and community involvement in the recovery process. As the holiday season approaches, Ken shares valuable advice on navigating this often challenging time for those affected by addiction.
His insights offer a timely reminder of the importance of love, understanding, and inclusivity. This episode provides practical tips and heartfelt stories that can inspire hope and promote healing for anyone touched by addiction.