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  • Alcoholics Anonymous Radio Show - John 38 years sober

Alcoholics Anonymous Radio Show - John 38 years sober

Monday 6th January 2020

Listen to John's story of recovery from alcoholism in this episode of Alcoholics Anonymous Radio Show on Discover how the 12-step program changed his life and how he found his way to AA.
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John's Story: One Day At A Time in Alcoholics Anonymous

I have a disease and that is how there's no cure for it, but it can be held in remission if you like, and the only way to do that is to keep going to meetings and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety and not picking up that first drink, whatever it is.
Alcoholics Anonymous Radio Show is a program dedicated to spreading awareness about the effectiveness of Alcoholics Anonymous in treating alcoholism. In this particular episode, John, a recovering alcoholic with 38 years of sobriety, shares his journey of addiction and recovery. John's story is a powerful testament to the effectiveness of the 12-step program in treating alcoholism. He talks about his experiences of blackouts, the realisation of his alcoholism, and the impact it had on his career and personal life.
John's path to sobriety wasn't easy, but he found hope and healing in the rooms of AA. He talks about how the 12-step program helped him maintain his sobriety and how he found spirituality in the process. The program teaches one to take things one day at a time and to rely on a higher power. John emphasises the importance of helping others, which is a core principle of the program.
Alcoholics Anonymous Radio Show ends with the serenity prayer, a practice that's followed at the end of every AA meeting. This episode is a must-listen for anyone struggling with alcoholism or seeking to learn more about the effectiveness of AA in treating alcoholism. Listen to this episode now on and discover how John found a new way of life through Alcoholics Anonymous.