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  • Alcoholismo - ¿ Vicio o Enfermedad ?

Alcoholismo - ¿ Vicio o Enfermedad ?

Friday 11th September 2015

Is alcoholism a vice or a disease? Hear from experts and those affected in this compelling episode of Grupo Centro Madrid.
44 minutes

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Is Alcoholism a Vice or a Disease? Perspectives and Real Stories

Is alcoholism just a bad habit or a full-blown disease? This episode of Grupo Centro Madrid tackles this age-old debate head-on. You’ll hear from medical professionals who shed light on the physical and psychological aspects of alcoholism, as well as real stories from those who've been directly affected. The discussion doesn't shy away from the tough questions, offering a rich tapestry of viewpoints that will make you think twice about the nature of addiction.
The episode also takes a hard look at how young people are particularly vulnerable to falling into the trap of alcohol abuse, making it a must-listen for parents and educators alike. Whether you're struggling with addiction yourself, supporting someone who is, or simply curious about the complexities of alcoholism, this episode provides valuable insights that could change the way you view this pressing issue.