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  • American Medicine Today 1-5-19

American Medicine Today 1-5-19

Saturday 5th January 2019

Tune in to American Medicine Today for insights on medical innovations, politics, and touching personal stories of recovery from pain. Listen now on!
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American Medicine Today: Cutting-Edge Science and Personal Stories

The beauty of it is we don't have to target the cancer cells. We really, just like an aspirin, want to deliver this to every cell in the body and we hope that only the cancer cells will respond.
American Medicine Today is a program that delves into the latest medical innovations and political happenings in the healthcare industry. Hosted by Kimberly Bermel Bonati, Ethan Youker, and Jeff Wagstaff, this episode features Dr. Peter, who shares insights into the ancient mechanism of RNA flipping that can keep cells from getting cancer. The team also interviews Sheila, who shares her story of recovery from back pain thanks to the Bonati Spine Institute.
Daniel Krauthammer, son of the late Charles Krauthammer, also shares insights into his father's life and legacy. With its mix of cutting-edge science and personal stories, American Medicine Today is a must-listen for anyone interested in healthcare and medical innovations. Listen to the episode now here on!