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New Books in Drugs, Addiction and Recovery

Marshall Poe

  • Angela Garcia, "The Way That Leads Among the Lost: Life, Death, and Hope in Mexico City's Anexos" (FSG, 2024)

Angela Garcia, "The Way That Leads Among the Lost: Life, Death, and Hope in Mexico City's Anexos" (FSG, 2024)

Tuesday 9th July 2024

Angela Garcia discusses her book on Mexico City's anexos, exploring addiction treatment, care, and violence in this gripping podcast episode.
51 minutes

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New Books in Drugs, Addiction and Recovery
Marshall Poe
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Life, Death, and Hope: Angela Garcia on Mexico City's Anexos

Episode Overview

  • Angela Garcia shares insights from her decade-long research on Mexico City's anexos.
  • Anexos provide informal addiction treatment amidst care and violence.
  • Garcia blends personal experiences with academic research in her book.
  • The episode highlights the difficult choices families make due to limited resources.
  • Garcia discusses broader social issues related to addiction and mental health.
The tension and contradiction between care and violence in the Annexo became the focus of the book
Angela Garcia's new book, 'The Way That Leads Among the Lost: Life, Death, and Hope in Mexico City's Anexos', is the focus of this gripping podcast episode. Hosted by Claire Clark, the episode dives into Garcia's decade-long research on the informal addiction treatment centres known as anexos in Mexico City. These centres are a blend of care and violence, offering a stark look at how families cope with addiction amidst the backdrop of the drug war.
Garcia, an anthropologist from Stanford University, shares her journey from literature and architecture to medical anthropology, driven by a personal connection to the themes of addiction and recovery. Garcia explains how anexos emerged from a history of mutual aid and 12-step programmes, becoming a refuge for the working poor who lack access to professional treatment. The conversation touches on the complexities of these centres, where untrained individuals provide care that is both nurturing and harsh.
The episode also highlights Garcia's decision to weave her personal experiences into her academic work, making the book a unique blend of memoir and ethnography. One poignant story discussed is that of a mother who sends her son to an annexo, knowing he might face abuse but believing it's safer than the streets. This narrative captures the difficult choices families make in the face of addiction and limited resources.
Garcia's insights into the anexos' role in addressing broader social issues, such as mental health and community care, are both eye-opening and thought-provoking. If you're interested in understanding the intersection of addiction, mental health, and social care in Mexico City, this episode is a must-listen. Garcia's compelling storytelling and deep empathy for her subjects offer a rare glimpse into a hidden world that challenges our perceptions of care and recovery.