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Ask Don’t Tell

Thursday 20th April 2006

Learn how to unlock your potential with the Ask Don't Tell episode of Christian Life Coaching. Discover the transformative power of life coaching on
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Ask Don't Tell: The Power of Life Coaching

In fact, we consider ourselves repenting tellers...there's arrogance in assuming I know what's best for that other person. As coaches, what we want to do is hone in our skills and learn to ask instead of tell.
The Ask Don't Tell episode of Christian Life Coaching on offers a refreshing perspective on the power of life coaching. In this episode, Truth Coaching explores the difference between advice and questions in coaching, emphasizing the importance of drawing out individuals instead of prescribing answers. The host describes his own experience as a 'repenting teller,' recognizing the arrogance of assuming he knew what was best for others.
Instead, life coaches learn to ask questions and empower their clients to find their own solutions. This technique is not only more effective but also more empowering, allowing individuals to grow and develop in ways that are unique to them. As the host explains, coaching is not about diagnosing or prescribing but about coming alongside individuals and helping them explore their own perspectives and experiences.
The benefits of coaching are many, from personal growth and development to the ability to teach others. By tuning into this episode, listeners can learn more about the transformative power of coaching and how it can help them unlock their potential. Don't miss out on the upcoming coach training workshop in Seattle, where you can learn more about the unique skills and perspectives of life coaches.
Listen to the Ask Don't Tell episode now here on and discover the difference coaching can make in your life.