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Austin Pederson & Brad Shepherd

  • Austin & Brad: Holiday visit & 100th Episode

Austin & Brad: Holiday visit & 100th Episode

Sunday 7th July 2024

Austin & Brad celebrate their 100th episode with stories of first responder life, mental health tips, and insights into the Emergency Response Health Center.
41 minutes

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Balancing Duty and Well-being: A First Responder's Journey

Episode Overview

  • Managing mental health during election years.
  • Importance of self-care for first responders.
  • Unique services offered by the Emergency Response Health Center.
  • Real-life stories of first responder challenges.
  • Encouragement to use available mental health resources.
You know, the real thing that's going to make this successful is if people use it.
Ever wondered what it's like to juggle the pressures of being a first responder while maintaining your mental health? In this milestone 100th episode of 'No One Fights Alone', co-hosts Austin Pederson and Brad Shepherd dive into their personal experiences, sharing stories that are as relatable as they are enlightening. From 2 a.m. emergency calls to the surreal world of fever dreams, they paint a vivid picture of the day-to-day challenges faced by those in the line of duty.
This episode isn't just about their adventures; it's also packed with practical advice on staying healthy during stressful times, especially during an election year. The duo discusses the anxiety that political climates can bring and offers encouragement for keeping yourself grounded and healthy. They also highlight the incredible work being done at the Emergency Response Health Center in Fort Collins, a 24/7 crisis centre for first responders.
With its unique services like equine therapy and ketamine treatment, this centre is a game-changer for those in crisis. Brad and Austin's conversation is peppered with humour and camaraderie, making it an engaging listen. Whether you're a first responder or someone who supports one, this episode offers valuable insights and a sense of community. So, why not take a break and tune in? You might just find the encouragement you need to keep going.