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Be Good To You with Paul Summers

Paul Summers

  • Balance and Obsession: Keeping cool when you want something really bad.

Balance and Obsession: Keeping cool when you want something really bad.

Wednesday 10th January 2024

Paul Summers shares his journey of balancing recovery, writing a memoir, and fatherhood, offering tips on avoiding obsession and finding inner harmony.
17 minutes

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Be Good To You with Paul Summers
Paul Summers
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Balancing Acts: Recovery, Memoir Writing, and Fatherhood with Paul Summers

Episode Overview

  • Paul shares his experience of maintaining balance in recovery, writing a memoir, and being a father
  • He discusses the challenges of avoiding obsession and staying grounded during the memoir writing process
  • Paul reflects on the impact of his addiction on his daughter and pivotal moments in his recovery journey
  • The importance of giving oneself a break and finding inner harmony is emphasised by Paul
  • He acknowledges the support of his wife in the memoir writing process and invites listeners to explore his website for more resources
Balance comes from giving yourself a break. Recovery and direction through opening up to my higher power, by making lists, taking inventory, scheduling tasks, giving myself space to take deep breaths, completing what I can, then getting right back on task and not beating myself up when I go rogue and allow self-will to take over.
Ever felt like you're juggling too many balls at once? Paul Summers certainly has, and in this episode, he opens up about the delicate dance of balancing recovery, writing a memoir, and being a dad. Paul dives into the nitty-gritty of how he manages to stay grounded while tackling these significant life roles. He shares his personal struggles with obsession, especially when it comes to his writing.
You'll hear about the impact his addiction had on his daughter and the pivotal moments that made him commit to his recovery journey. Paul doesn’t just talk about the challenges; he offers practical advice on how to avoid getting consumed by any one aspect of life. His tips on self-care and introspection are not just for those in recovery but for anyone feeling overwhelmed.
He also gives a heartfelt nod to his wife, whose support has been invaluable during the memoir-writing process. If you’re looking for a podcast that combines heartfelt stories with actionable advice, this episode is a must-listen. Paul’s candid reflections and balanced approach offer a fresh perspective on how to manage multiple life demands without losing yourself in the process.