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Battling Opioids: Prosper Program

Tuesday 7th January 2020

In this episode of Battling Opioids, they discuss the PROSPER program and how it helps young people avoid substance abuse and behavioral problems. Learn how Pennsylvania is uniting to confront the opioid crisis. Listen now on
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Prevention is Key: Battling Opioids with the PROSPER Program

When you've done prevention effectively, you never turn the page on a life of addiction.
Battling Opioids is a public media initiative that highlights how Pennsylvanians are coming together to confront the opioid crisis. In this episode, they discuss the PROSPER program, an evidence-based community-based program that aims to prevent substance abuse and behavioral problems among young people. The program is a model for delivering community-based programs, and it's about a community coming together and pulling together different stakeholders and focusing on prevention.
The program offers The Strengthening Families Program, an evidence-based program that brings families together to learn about peer pressure, communication, and decision-making. The program has demonstrated impacts in issues such as opioids, early initiation of drinking, and early initiation of any kind of drug use. The program's main goal is to reduce the likelihood that young people will use alcohol or drugs and to engage them to be more civic-minded and contributing citizens to their community.
In this episode, they talk to people who have been through the program and how it helped them communicate better with their parents and make better decisions. The episode also highlights how Pennsylvania is committed to ending opioid addiction with both prevention and treatment. Geisinger has reduced the amount of opioids they prescribe and opened four medication-assisted treatment centers across the state to help patients recover from addiction.
The episode ends with a call-to-action to visit or call 1-800-662-HELP to start recovery. Listen to the full episode now on