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  • Behind the Scenes of A&E's Intervention with Candy Finnigan

Behind the Scenes of A&E's Intervention with Candy Finnigan

Friday 27th February 2015

Join Candy Finnigan on 'I Took the High Road' as she reveals what really happens behind the scenes of A&E's Intervention. Listen now.
56 minutes

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Behind the Curtain with Candy Finnigan: Realities of A&E's Intervention

The show does a really good job of portraying the addiction process and seeing somebody at the depths and the bottom of their addiction where they really need help.
Ever wondered what really happens behind the scenes of A&E's hit show Intervention? In this episode of 'I Took the High Road', host Jacob Patrick Jansen sits down with Candy Finnigan, the show's well-known interventionist, to pull back the curtain on the process. Candy reveals the unseen efforts that go into preparing for interventions, including the emotional and logistical hurdles faced by both families and patients.
She talks candidly about how having cameras around affects the process and whether the show captures the true essence of interventions. You'll hear about her advocacy work, the vital role of family training, and even how humor can be a powerful tool in recovery. This episode is a must-listen for anyone curious about the realities of addiction recovery on television and beyond.