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  • Being Yourself | Healing the Primal Wound

Being Yourself | Healing the Primal Wound

Thursday 20th June 2024

Gangaji explores the power of facing our deepest wounds and fears in this touching episode, inspired by a prison inmate's journey of self-discovery.
24 minutes

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Healing the Primal Wound with Gangaji

Episode Overview

  • True freedom comes from facing your pain, not escaping it.
  • Embrace your wounds to discover a deeper truth about yourself.
  • Stop searching for external relief and turn inward.
  • Healing involves fully experiencing and understanding your pain.
  • Forgiveness can transform anger and fear into love.
The secret of freedom is giving up the choice to escape yourself
In this heartfelt episode of Gangaji Podcasts, Gangaji and host Hillary Larson tackle the profound subject of healing our deepest wounds. Inspired by a poignant letter from a prison inmate, Gangaji shares a powerful monologue on facing our primal fears and wounds head-on. She explores the idea that true freedom comes not from escaping our pain but from fully experiencing and understanding it.
Through the inmate's journey of self-discovery and forgiveness, you'll see how embracing our wounds can lead to a deeper truth about who we are. Gangaji encourages us to stop searching for external relief and instead turn inward to face our fears and pain. This episode is a moving exploration of the human condition and offers a unique perspective on healing and self-acceptance.
If you're ready to confront your own wounds and discover a deeper sense of self, this episode is a must-listen.