Battling obesity and alcoholism to becoming sober and fit


  • Boxing By Phil

Boxing By Phil

Saturday 27th November 2021

Philip reveals how transitioning from bodybuilding to boxing helped him stay sober and fit. Listen to his inspiring journey.
33 minutes

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Battling obesity and alcoholism to becoming sober and fit
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Punching Through: Philip's Boxing Journey to Sobriety

I don't want to be that guy up there who you know...I need something that is going to push me, to inspire me.
Philip's story is one of incredible transformation, moving from the world of bodybuilding to the boxing ring. Known for his achievements as a champion natural bodybuilder and personal fitness trainer, Philip sought new challenges that would push him further in his fitness and sobriety journey. This episode dives into his transition to boxing, a sport that not only tested his physical limits but also offered profound mental and emotional benefits.
Philip shares candid reflections on how boxing became a pivotal part of his recovery. He discusses the rigorous training regimen, the discipline required, and the unique ways boxing helped him stay sober. Through his narrative, you'll hear about the highs and lows of training for a boxing match, the importance of setting fitness goals, and how these goals played a crucial role in maintaining his sobriety.
What makes this episode truly compelling is Philip's emphasis on the power of support systems. He highlights how having a strong network of friends, family, and fellow athletes was essential in his journey. His story is a powerful reminder that while personal determination is key, having a supportive community can make all the difference.
Whether you're struggling with addiction, looking for fitness inspiration, or simply love a good comeback story, Philip's journey from bodybuilding to boxing is sure to inspire and motivate. Tune in to hear how he punched through obstacles and emerged stronger, both physically and mentally.