Counsellor A.J. Mahari

Surviving BPD Relationship Breakups

A.J. Mahari

  • BPD Relationship or Breakup Are You Codependent or Just Care Too Much?

BPD Relationship or Breakup Are You Codependent or Just Care Too Much?

Saturday 29th June 2024

Explore the complexities of BPD relationships and codependency with expert insights from A.J. Mahari. Learn to identify signs and start your healing journey.
49 minutes

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Surviving BPD Relationship Breakups
Counsellor A.J. Mahari
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Are You Codependent or Just Care Too Much? Unpacking BPD Relationship Dynamics

Episode Overview

  • Recognise the signs of codependency in your behaviour.
  • Understand how childhood trauma influences adult relationships.
  • Learn to set healthy boundaries and prioritise self-care.
  • Identify and break free from toxic relationship patterns.
  • Gain practical advice for starting your healing journey.
Caring too much falls under the definition of what codependency is and one of its major challenges
Are you caught in the whirlwind of a relationship with someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)? Do you find yourself constantly questioning if you're codependent or just care too much? In this eye-opening episode, A.J. Mahari, a seasoned counselor and trauma recovery coach, takes a deep dive into the complex dynamics of BPD relationships and codependency. With over 30 years of experience, A.J.
unpacks the signs of codependency, explaining how it often stems from unmet childhood needs and trauma responses. You'll hear about the subtle yet significant differences between caring too much and being codependent, and how these behaviours can lead to unhealthy relationship patterns. A.J. also shares her extensive knowledge on how to break free from these toxic cycles, offering practical advice for building healthy boundaries and prioritising self-care.
Whether you're currently in a BPD relationship or trying to recover from one, this episode provides invaluable insights to help you navigate these challenging waters. Don't miss out on the wisdom and compassion that A.J. brings to this crucial topic. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of your own behaviours and learn how to start your journey towards healing and self-discovery.