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Mary Woods

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Monday 8th September 2008

Join Mary Woods on One Hour at a Time as she discusses the process of recovery and the importance of education and support for individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.
56 minutes

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The Process of Recovery: Insightful Conversations on One Hour at a Time

Successful recovery from a substance abuse problem or mental illness depends on education and support of loved ones.
In the world of recovery, education and support are key components to achieving successful outcomes. Mary Woods, host of One Hour at a Time, is a leading voice in the conversation around recovery from substance use and mental health disorders. On her show, Woods shares insights from her own personal journey and draws on the experiences of experts and advocates to provide listeners with a well-rounded view of the recovery process.
Throughout her episodes, Woods emphasizes the importance of treatment plans and the need for individuals to take personal responsibility for their health. She also highlights the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction and the need for policy change to improve the lives of those in recovery.
A central theme of Woods' show is the importance of support and education for individuals with co-occurring disorders. She emphasizes that individuals with these conditions require unique treatment plans that address both their mental health and substance use needs. Woods also discusses the challenges of navigating the healthcare system and the importance of advocacy in creating change.
One Hour at a Time features conversations with experts in the field of addiction treatment and recovery, as well as individuals with personal experience in the process. Listeners can expect to gain insight into the recovery journey and the challenges and triumphs that come with it. They will also learn about the various treatment options available and the importance of finding a plan that works for them.
Overall, One Hour at a Time is an informative and empowering resource for anyone navigating the process of recovery from substance use or mental health disorders. Woods' insights and the stories shared on her show provide hope and inspiration for listeners, reminding them that with support and education, successful recovery is possible. Listen to the episode now here on and join the conversation on the journey of recovery.