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Monday 26th November 2007

Join Mary Woods as she talks to William Cope Moyers on the politics of addiction and his journey in recovery. Listen now on
53 minutes

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Breaking the Stigma: One Person's Journey in Recovery

Recovery is possible. It's not just something that affects people of color, whatever color that is... We tend to be silent instead of going out and saying: you know, we have needs and this is a chronic illness and people are being discriminated against.
In a world where the stigma surrounding addiction is still prevalent, it is important to have advocates who can speak up and raise awareness about recovery. Mary Woods, the host of One Hour AT A Time, invites William Cope Moyers to talk about his journey in recovery and the politics of addiction.
During the podcast, Moyers and Woods discuss the importance of advocacy and the discrimination that individuals in the recovery process face. They also explore the concept of anonymity in step programs and how it affects people's willingness to speak up and share their experiences.
Moyers, who is currently the Vice-President for External Affairs at the Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota, shares his personal story of addiction and recovery. He talks about how addiction is a chronic illness that affects people of all colors and how treatment programs are essential in the recovery process.
Woods and Moyers also delve into the impact of addiction on families and the mind-body connection in recovery. They emphasize the importance of treating both the body and the spirit in order to achieve long-lasting recovery.
At the heart of the conversation is the idea that recovery is possible and that people in recovery should not be discriminated against. Moyers encourages people to speak up and share their experiences in order to break the stigma surrounding addiction.
In a world where treatment programs are still the exception rather than the rule, the podcast serves as a reminder that recovery is possible and that there is hope for those struggling with addiction. The podcast also highlights the importance of gratitude and humility in the recovery process.
Listen to the podcast now on and join the conversation on breaking the stigma surrounding addiction.