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M2 THE ROCK - Michael Molthan

M2 THE ROCK || Michael Molthan

  • CARE Dallas with Lee Michaels & Jack Sides 08.27.2019

CARE Dallas with Lee Michaels & Jack Sides 08.27.2019

Sunday 5th January 2020

Join Michael Molthan on M2 The Rock as he talks to Lee Michaels and Jack Sides about CARE Dallas and how they help people overcome addiction. Listen now on alcoholfree.com.
57 minutes

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M2 THE ROCK - Michael Molthan
M2 THE ROCK || Michael Molthan
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Transforming Lives: Overcoming Addiction with M2 The Rock and CARE Dallas

I had enough energy to get out of bed About Every Two Days to take a shower, and not only was unemployed, but I was unemployable. Things were dark, brother- I mean as dark as they can get, and by the grace of god, some people stepped into my life in the form of an intervention, which is everything you think it might be, and cared enough about me and love me enough to not love me to death and put me on an airplane to a treatment facility in Arizona.
Join Michael Molthan, host of M2 The Rock, as he talks to Lee Michaels, the president of CARE Dallas, and Jack Sides about their community-based approach to addiction treatment. In this episode, Michael shares his own journey from addiction to recovery and the importance of interventions in addiction treatment. He also discusses the impact of addiction on families and children and the need for education and awareness to prevent addiction.
The guests share their experiences with CARE Dallas and how they are creating a supportive community for addiction recovery. They also discuss effective resources and treatment centers for addiction and the role of spirituality and serving others in addiction recovery. Throughout the episode, the focus is on empowering individuals to overcome addiction and creating a positive future for themselves and their loved ones.
As Michael says, 'Recovery is not about getting good, it's about getting better.' Listen to the full episode now here on alcoholfree.com and join the conversation on creating a community of hope and healing.