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Trish Wood is Critical

Trish Wood

  • Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Austin Fitts

Friday 5th July 2024

Catherine Austin Fitts joins Trish Wood to discuss Biden's cognitive health, Bobby Kennedy's views on Gaza, and wealth-building strategies.
134 minutes

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Trish Wood is Critical
Trish Wood
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Catherine Austin Fitts: Biden's Cognitive Health and Building Wealth Amid Chaos

Episode Overview

  • Questions raised about President Biden's cognitive health and medical evaluations.
  • Discussion on Bobby Kennedy's perspectives on Gaza.
  • Insights into building wealth amidst economic uncertainties.
  • The touching story of Beatrice Harrison playing cello with nightingales.
  • Emphasis on the importance of trust in future relationships.
The currency of the future will be relationships of trust
In this episode of 'Trish Wood is Critical', Trish Wood welcomes back Catherine Austin Fitts, a former investment banker and U.S. Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. The conversation kicks off with a critical look at the cognitive health of President Joe Biden, raising questions about the transparency and honesty of his medical evaluations.
Trish and Catherine discuss the implications of Biden's cognitive decline on national security and public trust, drawing parallels to broader issues in politics and media integrity. Catherine shares her thoughts on Bobby Kennedy's views on Gaza, adding a layer of geopolitical analysis to the discussion. The episode takes a fascinating turn with the story of Beatrice Harrison, a cellist who played alongside nightingales, symbolising harmony between nature and humanity.
This touching anecdote serves as a metaphor for finding beauty and truth amidst chaos. Catherine also touches on her work with the Solari Report, discussing strategies for building wealth and navigating economic uncertainties. The episode is packed with thought-provoking discussions, blending political critique with personal stories and practical advice. Don't miss out on this engaging conversation that challenges conventional narratives and offers fresh perspectives.