John Barleycorn or Alcoholic Memoirs by Jack London (1876 - 1916)


  • Chapter 26-28

Chapter 26-28

Thursday 1st January 1970

Explore the life of Jack London through his autobiographical work 'John Barleycorn or Alcoholic Memoirs' as he candidly describes his struggles and bouts with alcoholism.
30 minutes

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John Barleycorn or Alcoholic Memoirs by Jack London (1876 - 1916)
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Jack London and John Barleycorn: A Brutally Honest Autobiography on Alcoholism

The exponents of such things only the more ridiculous. There was plenty of whisky in the house for my guests. I grew afraid of my revolver, afraid during the period in which the radiant, flashing vision of the people was forming in my mind and will.
Jack London's 'John Barleycorn or Alcoholic Memoirs' is a brutally honest account of his life and struggles with alcoholism. Through his candid descriptions and reflections, London sheds light on the controversies surrounding alcoholism and addiction. He unapologetically admits to using alcohol as a means of sociability and to impressing those around him. However, he also recognizes the power of love and socialism in his recovery.
London's account is a thought-provoking and raw look at the effects of society on alcoholism and the potential for recovery through personal growth and societal change. Listen to the episode now here on to learn more about Jack London and his complex relationship with John Barleycorn.